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By Samuel Olusegun Akinola,

Salvation is best understood as the redeeming power of God in saving human beings from the power of sin and death. Salvation became necessary after the fall of the first human pairs into sin – sin of disobedience began it all. Satan and his forces rebelled against God, initiated the first sin thereby bringing the once sinless world to corruption.

The ultimate casting of these hordes of evil and wicked spirit-beings into the earth spelt doom for humankind. They seduced humans into sin and evil, weakened the equilibrium between natural and spiritual worlds through occult practice, spiritism, esoteric, demonization of mortal beings, idolatry worship, witchcraft and astral projection; completely bringing ethereal spirits, demons and their absolute dominion on humans.

Humans became slaves of sin generation after generation, sin with spiritual and physical consequences extending from generation to generation through intricate network of Satan that could not be broken. The evil and terrible things happening in these days (murder, killing, violent, ritualism, sexual immorality, covetousness, jealousy, strife, war and bloodshed, etc) did not just began but have their origin from accumulated sins generation after generation. Majority of humans today are still suffering under ancestral sin that greatly predated them because of power of sin extending generation to generation. God made salvation of human beings from the powers of ethereal spirits, elemental spirits and demons center of His focus; at the right time His ultimate plan of human salvation unfolded in person of Jesus Christ!

The world will never fully comprehend the atoning power over sin and death in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of righteousness, embodiment of supreme power of God, embodiment of light of God of which darkness cannot overcome. Jesus death and resurrection was more than physical events, the spiritual power of his death and resurrection completely overwhelmed powers of darkness on earth and in heavenly places; cutting short their domineering powers to a greater limit. Through this, divine door was opened in heaven to bring before God’s divine presence any human being (even of worst sinners) through the power of salvation Christ has purchased with his blood.

Now full salvation is attain in Christ Jesus; follow his teachings, walk in his path, guide yourself with the inspired written of his holy apostles in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, focus on his will for you and share this with others. Through these, you will become invincible to elemental forces of darkness, occult manipulation of the enemies, esoteric conjuring of the enemies, destructive activities of demons and dark spirits. If fully clad in God’s armour, you are completely more than a conqueror in Christ and a victor for life (no matter the pressing challenges mounting on you).



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