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“Seeing Others as More Important Then You”

“Seeing Others as More Important Then You”
By Bob Butler

“Seeing Others as More Important Then You”

When we see this verse what comes to mind? Is it easy to think this way or do you struggle with this? Why is it so easy for some of us to agree with this statement? Could it be as simple as having a low self-esteem? I believe it is so, at least in my case.
I have always wondered were we got our opinion of ourselves from. Was it from your parents, maybe from your peers, or could it have been from a chance meeting with someone you though highly of and what they said has stuck with you. Whatever the source, our opinion was formed at a young time in our lives and we have lived with it since. If you were fortunate you received positive affirmation, if not then you have had an uphill battle.

As a Christian, I have study the scriptures and I have found a discrepancy from what the Word says and what I believe about myself. I believe we have got it all wrong when it comes to our opinions and until we get it right we will be struggling the rest of our life. Let’s see what the Bile says and begin to change our opinions.

Paul writes in Philippians that we are to have the attitude of Jesus. If you look at this statement in context, you would notice that Paul is showing that Jesus knew He was equal with God but He was not grabbing it and throwing it in our face; no, He was acknowledging His position and letting us know that He was willing to humble Himself to help us. Know we are to have the attitude, or mind, of Christ which means we are not to be afraid to acknowledge our importance in God’s Kingdom and begin to have a higher opinion of ourselves and yet to humble ourselves as well. This is the beginning!

I am a laymen with an advanced degree in Biblical Lit. I use the internet to speak of those things that touch my heart. You can freely use this article if my name and web site appears on document. http://www.iman-1.com

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