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Seeker, Good Works Won’t Get You to Heaven

By Gregory John Monroe

Acts that come from God are true righteousness. All other acts that can be considered righteous or good come from us, and are therefore but only facsimiles of the real thing.

That’s because the good acts from us are motivated by our human nature. And human nature is a sinful nature, selfish in essence. When we do “good,” it comes from a sinful nature desiring to be good. But the goodness isn’t pure because of its source.

So even though the results of the two kinds of righteousness God’s and ours can be the same; if the good acts aren’t motivated by and come from God’s righteousness, He considers such acts to be dirty rags.

That’s why it’s crucial to receive Jesus in your life, not only as your Savior, but as your Lord. You see, Jesus is God’s righteousness. If surrendered to Jesus, letting Him live in and through you, then it will be His righteousness behind the good acts that come from you.

Dismiss the idea that without Jesus, you can work your way to heaven through your own good deeds. It is only His righteousness that is 100% clean and pure enough to allow for your entry into heaven and eternal life.

You want heaven? You want to know God? Then decide to turn your life away from living in sin. Decide that you want to live for God. And if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus died for your sins, you can have Jesus’ righteousness cover you and indwell you.

Because of His great mercy, God gives to you the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. Take it. It’s your entry into heaven and eternal life. It’s a free gift. You don’t have to work for it.

As a result of your faith in Jesus, you will certainly perform works. But don’t fall into the trap, thinking that it is these truly righteous deeds that now qualify you for heaven and eternal life.

Remember that it is Jesus carrying out His work, His righteousness, through you. It’s your faith in Him that qualifies you.

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Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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