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Servant and Master: Jesus as both

By Donny Wright

Today I’m thinking of servant-hood. When I think of Jesus, it seems to me He was both servant and master. When mankind was created the law of opposites came into effect. In simple terms this meant that for every effect there is an opposite. There is day and night, male and female, good and bad and happy and sad, to name a few examples. So when there is a servant, there has to be a master. Jesus was both.

And if we are to be like Jesus, then we must also become servant and master. No matter how independent we think we are, we still have to depend upon others for some things. Not all of us are farmers and grow our own food, we have to depend upon the market or restaurant to purchase our food. Not all of us are mechanics, when our vehicle needs repairing we seek a mechanic. And on and on it goes. We are dependent upon others for our needs. Those whom we are dependent upon can qualify for the role of master…we are dependent upon them.

Then there are our servants, the ones who depend upon us. The ones whom we hire to work for us and also take care of our needs serve the role of servant. The ones who serve us at the convenience store, at McDonalds. The ones who clean our desks and bathrooms at our place of work.

Within the law of opposites there is balance. After the rain, the sun shines. After winter, there will come summer. When the laws of the universe are flowing as God desires, then things work well in the physical and spiritual world. The problem comes when the master doesn’t realize s/he is a servant and the servant doesn’t realize s/he is a master. The master who is not humble, who lords his position over his servant forgets his place and how it feels to be a servant. The servant who is treated harshly by the master soon becomes irritated, angry and resentful. And both parties forget that they are equal in the sight of God.

Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 5, covered all categories: the poor in spirit, those in mourning, the meek, those who desperately sought righteousness, the merciful, the poor in heart, the peacemakers and the persecuted. Any of these categories could fit the role of either master or servant. Later in Matthew 5:38-41 Jesus tells us if someone forces us to go a mile, then go two miles. Here is an example of God’s grace being the opposite of human expectations. When we are forced to do something we typically don’t want to volunteer and do twice as much. But these teachings in Matthew 5 are spiritual, which is the opposite of religious. Often in our religious piety we think in terms of the master rather than the servant. We think we are better than the person who is struggling to pay the bills. We find blame in their unfortunate circumstance and think that we are beyond that happening to us.

Jesus lays the foundation for the ideal Christian life, that we are to be both master and servant. We are to appreciate God’s mercy and grace. We are to do unto others as we would want them to do unto us. And, by the way, going two miles doesn’t necessarily mean walking. It could mean listening to someone’s story when we really want to leave. It could mean being down to your last dollar and handing it to someone who needs it more than you. It could mean finally realizing the difference between leading a spiritual life rather than a legalistic religious life. It could mean…being like Jesus.

Today, Lord thank you for your grace and mercy, for allowing me to live regardless of the circumstances, whether I am rich or poor, happy or sad, healthy or unhealthy. Thank you for teaching me what true love is. May I share it in my daily walk with everyone I meet, whether they be master or servant. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Donny Wright PhD

Donny is a writer, businessman, husband and father. His writings reflect a sense of help and hope for the struggling seekers.

You may purchase his book, “Thirty Days To Ponder: Spiritual Inspirations For A Positive Life” from http://www.createspace.com or email him at duanewright@ymail.com

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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