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Sin is Full of Itself

By Gregory John Monroe,

Sin is death. Even when it was dormant in terms of ignorance of its existence it has always been about death. This must have pleased sin in its beginning, because even though it was unknown, it spread its death nature to all mankind upon entering our world.

But apparently this wasn’t satisfying enough. In order to realize the full enjoyment of itself, it had to make itself known. It seems that it did so by attacking God’s Commandments, which, of course, makes us aware of what sin is. Whatever the holy Law forbids, sin then arouses our natural sinful tendencies to want to disobey that Law.

This opportunity through the Law is what sin relishes. Though it is death itself, that is when it comes alive, spilling out the fullness of its evil.

Sin is ecstatic when its presence is known and embraced. For it knows that added to its death blows, it then has the possibility of wreaking pain and havoc in its victim’s life and relationships. And on top of all that, it knows that its unrighteousness is spiritually credited to its victim.

To go against and work through God’s Law is pure joy for sin. That’s because the Law puts on display sin’s extreme nature for all to see and know. Sin appreciates that it is known for what it isan intentional marked contrast to righteousness.

The publicity puffs up sin’s ego because its victim, then, isn’t necessarily duped. Its victim makes a conscious choice to go along with its ways. Such acceptance, sin knows, is a public rebuke to God; for its darkness is deemed naturally more attractive; and is glorified as better than God’s light.


The above thoughts, though not exegetical, came from reading Romans 5: 12, 13 and 7: 7-13.

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Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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