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Sounds Of A Snowflake

By louis gander
Shhh! Little children. Gather ’round,

Hear the raindrops falling down?

Watch and listen, hear the sound?

-That pitter, patter all around?

However, should the moisture freeze,

Before it falls into the breeze;

And blows around your little feet,

You’ll never know which ones will meet.

Stand real still and do not meddle,

Can you hear the snowflakes settle?

No you can’t – and why’s it so?
Where does the sound of a snowflake go?

They gather here, they gather there,
Each one different – no matching pair.

They settle in – as a marching band,

Yet quietly, contour the land.

We’re all like snowflakes, each our own,

Some are small – some overgrown.

Under a heavy blanket of snow,

You’ll find me there – somewhere below….

I’m but just one of many more.

I’m helping hold – the upper floor.

Let others bask out in the sun,

Get tossed around in wind with fun.

For I may not be king or queen,

Always heard – and always seen.

It’s all okay…. I am content,

The rest can fight and circumvent.

But if you know, just what you’ll be,

It matters not to an angry sea;

Go if you want and make some noise,

But remember this, you girls and boys:

Some climb the biggest, highest tree,

And yell out orders breathlessly;

But in the end, it’s not to be.

It’s all a waste futility!

It’s not the din we make at birth,

That gives us special rights on earth;

It’s not about the clothes we wear,

Or the gossip we might share.

It’s not about the ground we tilled,

Nor all about the wealth we build;

It’s really what you leave behind,

And whether you were fair and kind.

Eventually, the warm wind breaks,

And melts the coldest, biggest flakes;

They travel ditches – travel streams,

Travel creeks – with no more dreams.

Most will melt – in torrents roar,

And while they melt, they’re wanting more;

It’s really all, just up to you,

Who you’ll be, and what you’ll do.

But don’t take Satan’s awful blow,

When life is over and the rapids flow;

Screaming in anxious, helpless woe, because –

That’s where the sounds of a snowflake go.

Did we exist? Will history show?

Who we were – or where we’d go?

It matters not, to me, you see,

For I have God – eternity.

Content and peaceful you will be,

-If you’re a snowflake just like me.

Before I see that pearly gate,

It’s me, who’ll quietly evaporate.

2005 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



James 4:14 (NASB)

14Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

Copywrite 2004-2010 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Written 4-20-11 by louis gander. FREE to print and use ONLY with copyright information attached – NOT for resale.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERMAKE A WEBSITE

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