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Teaching Children To Pray – 6 Steps

by Zach Allred

Teaching children to pray can be accomplished with consistent application of 6 simple techniques.

1. Are you seen praying? Your children will learn to pray and will see the importance of praying when they see you praying. Leave your door open when you pray so your children will see your example.

2. Lost toys. I encourage my children to kneel down and say a prayer when they cannot find their lost toy. You will notice these prayers become quite fervent. Afterwords make sure your child finds the lost toy and then point out that Heavenly Father heard their prayer.

3. Use rituals. Children love repetition and meal times, bed times and waking up make good starting points. Prayers very quickly become something that is done at these times and is not burdensome to our children.

4. Teach the power of personal prayer. Accepting Jesus Christ into our lives is a very powerful experience and it comes through personal prayer. Our children can tell God anything and this is an important step.

5. Stage Fright. Do you ever feel nervous praying in public? Sometimes, just praying in front of my family makes me nervous. I try to remember though, that this is helping my children when they hear me pray.

6. Flexibility. Teach your children that a short prayer is more important than no prayer at all. If you are hurrying out the door and are loading up in the car and you have forgotten morning prayers, at least have one of the children say a prayer while you are driving.

Families that pray together will stay together as the saying goes. Prayer teaches reverence and humility. When children pray for lost toys and other things it develops faith at a very early age.

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