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The Beauty of God’s works

By Michael Hume

“One thing I have asked of the LORD…to behold the beauty of the LORD.” Psalm27:4

Every day I can see God’s works, they are visible. Through them I can trace the action of creating them back to God.

There is a lot of beauty in God’s creation. The colours and shapes of leaves on trees. Now bronze, yellow, copper, orange, brown, red and green. Not only colours but intricate patterns as maple leaves drop transforming a tarmac drive into a layer of leaves.

Birds, their feathers, light weight and flying patterns are all so beautiful adapting and enabling the bird to live and survive. Even one bird feather can be a beautiful thing to hold and look at. I was looking at peacock feather and thinking “This must be about the most beautiful feather God has made on earth.” With an ‘eye’, greens and other colours. Some bird feathers are irridescent or really brightly coloured.

Marvelling at God’s beautiful works reminds me that the One who created them must be a lot more beautiful than the sum of His works. God must be awesome in Beauty.

I heard a story about a woman who survived a plane crash. It took days before she was rescued in the middle of a tropical jungle. She stayed near the crash site since she broke too many bones to move about much. What must have helped her survive was the fact that she started looking at the beauty of nature around her. It would definitely help take her mind off herself and negative thoughts.

Similarly, when we think of God’s beauty or the beautiful designs in nature, we can get through our trials. It is like praise and thanks to fix our thoughts on God’s beautiful works.

In the sky there is lots of beauty. The northern lights is a grand display of lights like yellowish curtains moving across the sky. Rainbows always are something that fill me with hope, and excitement. There are so many cloud shapes, they can be fun to watch. Beams of sunlight spreading out from under clouds is another beautiful sight.

Even a tree is like a living sculpture. No man can create as beautifully as God, on such a scale, and give life like He does.

Michael Hume. Christian since 1987. Believe the Bible in original form is true, and in a daily personal relationship with Jesus. A freelance writer. Copyright belongs to author.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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