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The Best Part of Waking Up is Jesus in Your Cup

By Tara Roper

So, I awoke this morning ready for some time with God. On the way down the stairs, I could smell the coffee brewing, Praise God for coffee timers!

As I sat, praying and working through a day in my bible study,I was just really enjoying myself. I reflected on how a friend of mine had mentioned her love of pairing her study time with coffee. We discussed how we almost felt guilty that we sometimes went for the coffee before the Word. But, I’ve re-thought it, and well, I think there is a happy medium.

I am doing the study, “A Woman After God’s Own Heart”. The focus over the last two weeks being the importance and blessing of prayer. This was a spiritual kick in the butt for me as I knew my prayer life was lacking, but prayer has been creeping into my mind (A shout out to HS for that, thank you!). Anyhow, as I sat, reading, studying, and enjoying coffee, I allowed some spiritual ADD to creep in and my mind started wandering away from the pages to ponder how much I love this time every morning with God. Truly, I feel naked without it.
I sat, sipping away, checking out my new mug from my friend Kelli, just enjoying this time.

The thought came that the coffee wasn’t even all that good, I had forgotten my regular sprinkle of cinnamon,didn’t add enough splenda, and…the kicker…this was half caff. coffee….!!!! I know, whats the point of drinking that!?????

Okay, coffee tangent over, my point being, I was very much convicted that this time in the morning is all about God, growing in relationship with Jesus. Really, whats a cup of coffee without a good friend anyways? Its the relationship that seems to make the cup of coffee better right? Its no fun sitting at starbucks with a dream drink, which by definition would include whipped cream, thats just a side note. Anyhow, no fun sitting at starbucks without a friend. Those comfy seats, you know, everyone covets them, are made for conversation.
And there it is. My half caff. coffee (the horror!),with not enough splenda, lumpy couch, but yet, felt as thought I was at starbucks having that wicked awesome coffee, not by delusion, but made better, made meaningful, made memorable, by the company, the conversation, the listening, the prayer. So, even though I pair my early morning quiet time with coffee, as long as I am filling up on Jesus, the actual coffee is just my whipped cream.

Its the true content that matters,our time in the Word, our relationship with Him….. Good to the last drop.

I am a stay at home mom in the Atlanta area. My husband John and I have have three children, ages five and two and a half year old twins. I am a bible study facilitator and Event coordinator for the Women’s League at Northstar Church.

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