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The Bible

The Bible
By Michael Hume

Opening my bible is like entering a portal into another dimension. Instantly I am transported to heaven, and my worldly worries and cares dissipate as I read more and more. By about 20 pages God has refreshed me at least, and at most done a lot more, and spoken to me with key specific verses targetting responses to my situations.

Reading the bible is like gazing at Gods face. You are quietly launched into His realm, presence and way of thinking and being. This is so far removed from the world’s ways and therefore most refreshing, and quite a relief.

During the hour or two spent in the word, time is well spent. Quietly and gently the Holy Spirit teases out and removes anything toxic during contact with the world. God is the best Companion and He does so much quietly that it is hardly noticeable. Freeing, healing, reconstructing and reprogramming you for the rest of the day. When I have daily contact with the world, I need the companionship of God. The Bible is an easy read and refreshes my soul quicker than say a stroll in a really beautiful place surrounded by trees and fields. Sure, nature revives, through sweet, melodious birdsong, and the flaming reds and orange colours of the sky. But it is the Bible that provides a different, stronger and very essential refreshing.

Also, the bible increases faith quickest out of the normally available disciplines available to me. Being out in the countryside refreshes me too, but the advantage of the Bible is the way it increases faith in ways nature cannot.After Bible reading faith is more alive, and I’m activated. My identity returns slowly and surely, and my soul has returned to its natural state in God.

I am looking at what God is writing to me and also hearing in my inner ear what God is saying through His still, small voice.

There is no book I can commend more than the Bible. I would urge you to read it over and over again. It will always build you up.

Michael Hume. Christian since 1987. Believe the Bible in original form is true, and in a daily personal relationship with Jesus. A freelance writer. Copyright belongs to author.

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