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The Divine Exchange

By Daniel Dela Dunoo

Was foretold long ago
That the Christ must suffer
That the Christ must die
And that the Christ will break free from the icy clutch of death
And so it was fulfilled in the fullness of time
In his death was a reality
The reality of a divine exchange
The reality of his death
Was indeed the reality of a divine exchange
What I was he became
What he was I became
Giving his life for my life
Being rejected that I might be accepted
Becoming a sinner that I might become a saint
Suffering a vicarious death that I might experience a glorious resurrection
He died that I might live
Coming under a curse that I might be blessed
Becoming poor that I might become rich
That was a divine exchange
That which forever altered the course of my life

I am a freelance writer, theologian and a published author. I write for several websites, blogs, newspapers and magazines including HR Focus Magazine, MM Focus Magazine and Optimum Magazine. Email: dudelda3@yahoo.com. Blog: http://danieldeladunoo.blogspot.com

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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