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By Sue Darling

Proverbs 1 v 7; The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instructions; people love it when we talk about God’s unconditional love, but what they don’t realise we should fear his justice. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with fear however, because God forgives everybody doesn’t matter how sinful we are.

God will forgive a repented heart. It is if you choose to not to be repented, that you have something to fear about. We sometimes treat God like an equal and forget what it means for him to be the God of gods. We are in debt to him for eternity. Our heavenly Father sent his son to save us from our sins, through the most terrifying crucifixion in history.

We are in great debt to him, we will never be able to pay it back. So can you imagine the sin of turning away from God knowingly and not repenting. It is our duty as Christians to pray for one another, help one another to stand firm in our faith. God does truly love us and worries about us when he sees his children living only for their own pleasure and at the risk of endangering their souls. God’s love is worth more than anything or anybody on earth. Everybody falls many times.

We are all sinners. I believe some of the greatest sinners can turned into the greatest saints as well. What God wants more than anything is your love. He knows we are made of dust. He doesn’t expect the impossible but the possible. We all can be sorry for our sins and try to make it up for him. It is in the trying that you prove your love for God.

I believe that Christian don’t often think just how powerful their prayers can be, so they pray for small things and only for people they know. I believe in praying big because I know God wants to do great things through us.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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