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The Flavour of Jesus (1) – children

By Richard L. Provencher

JESUS said, “Let the children come to me.” And we can see why when our own children skip about in happy abandon, life precious to them; their innocence. The love they lavish on us is without hesitation. That is how we are to live, with zest, without bags of problems to hold us back.

I know from my own life experiences, it can be a challenge simply dealing with daily struggles; the bills, holding onto one’s job, and in many cases raising our own children.

Imagine the sacrifice God made on our behalf, to actually offer up His Son to redeem our sins, to have Jesus come into the world as a man, with the limitations of men. And that one day He would grow up and lead us into a new world. His guidance would free us from snares, which involve issues like offense, jealousy, and material wealth.

When my children were young, I tried so hard to be the perfect dad and husband; something impossible in today’s world. I would flit back and forth like a chickadee, from one child to another and another and another; my precious wife losing out at times with my time. Children always win over adults in the energy department and only recognized by myself in later years.

My marriage remains strong after thirty-five years, my wife and I enjoying our time together; just the two of us, with our four children living so far away. And the flavour of Jesus sustains us.

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(c) Richard L. Provencher 2011

Richard & his wife, Esther, wish their (All Rights Reserved) writing encourages you in this awesome world. Pray for your families & friends, and forgive anyone who may have offended you. Any feedback on our work may be sent us via: http://www.writers.ns.ca/writers/P/provencherrichardl.html

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