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The God of History

By Jerry Ousley

“I know that I didn’t do that,” was my response to the question, “Why would you make this transaction?” I didn’t remember doing it and so I denied it. A purchase order for goods we needed to complete a job had been cancelled. The parts never arrived and when we researched it we found that the purchase order had been issued but then later cancelled. This didn’t seem right.

Even though I had denied it, it bothered me greatly and when I began my research, first by calling the vendor and re-ordering the material, this time with a “HOT SHIPMENT” tag on it, I questioned the representative who explained to me that they had indeed received the order but that I had called a week later and cancelled it. I couldn’t deny it without calling him a liar and so I dismissed it, still with no recollection of the transaction. I had to get to the bottom of this and fast!

Digging though all the records I found the original purchase order on file for that particular vendor and sure enough, written right across the middle of the document were the words “Cancelled” with the date and my initials. Yep, there was no denying it; I had cancelled the transaction, but why? From the deepest recesses of my memory, slowly the incident began to emerge. It seemed that we had found the material and didn’t really need it. That would have been a good reason for cancelling it. So I jumped from my chair and went immediately out into the shop on a scavenger hunt for that material.

Guess what; sure enough, buried behind some boxes and covered with dust lay the material. I guess my real mistake was in failing to update the inventory which would have shown that we didn’t need to order more. The very first thing I did was to nearly run back to my office and cancel the material again. I had some explaining to do but I got er’ done. Next I had to explain to my boss that I really had cancelled the material and that I had just cancelled it again. He wasn’t too despondent about it because it meant that he wasn’t going to have to spend the money for the material and rush shipment to get it in after all. But he did want to lay his eyes on what I claimed I had found. He followed me back out into the shop where I showed it to him. That was the end of that. But the point is that the history behind the incident proved that I had done it even though I had denied it.

That happens with many of us from time to time. We deny an incident and perhaps we are justified in doing so because we really don’t remember doing it. But if the historical documents and discoveries prove it to be otherwise there’s no denying that. God is the same way. Many have claimed Him to be a figment of our imaginations, or a conjured up deity to justify what we believe. Folks we can deny God all we want but it doesn’t change a thing, including the historical evidence. It’s so much simpler when we just believe what the Bible says about God but you know people they need hard-core evidence.

Well, it’s out there. Over the centuries there have been many archeological finds that prove what the Bible has to say. They think they’ve found Noah’s ark resting on top of a mountain that was ancient Ararat. I don’t think they’ve actually made it up to the big boat yet but I have no doubt that it is there, resting just where the Bible records that Noah left it. What about the Dead Sea Scrolls proving the Bible existed centuries ago and really said then what it says now? We can’t deny the historical evidence. Oh yeah, and what about the fact that many civilizations relate in their history the account of a great flood? The details may be slightly different but the mere fact that universally it is spoken of as history proves something to me.

Of course there are still those who are skeptical and remain in denial. What can we expect when we have so many today trying to deny the Holocaust of World War II even though there are people still alive who lived through it? We can choose to deny the evidence but even if we do it doesn’t prove anything any different. God is real. We can come to know Him the proof is out there.

Jerry D. Ousley is the Author of five books, “Soul Challenge”, “Soul Journey” “Ordeal” “The Spirit Bread Daily Devotional” and his first novel “The Shoe Tree.” Find out more by visiting http://www.spiritbread.com

or email us at jousley@spiritbread.com

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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