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By Rachel Jamerson

Mankind enters this world with a supernatural spirit housed within a body of flesh that is subject to the effects of time. The body will grow and mature, deteriorate, and eventually die. The spirit however, is eternal.

When the Spirit of God opens the spiritual eyes of man, the flesh becomes aware of its existence. At this point of realization a decision must be made to believe the witness of the Holy Spirit, and respond accordingly, or to deny its existence and continue with a mind blinded to the supernatural.

There is a per-determined point in the future of every man where he will encounter a barrier between time and eternity. Only the supernatural, the spirit of man that gives life to the body, will pass through this barrier. The lifeless body of flesh will remain behind continuing to deteriorate. Eventually the flesh will decompose and return to the dust from which it was formed. The spirit will enter the realm of eternity, and all contact with this world will be immediately terminated.

Over time humans “connect” with those in their lives in a way that is undetected until separation takes place (there are forms of separation other than death). The pain experienced at that moment will depend on how “attached” they were to the departed. This departure is painful; the part of the heart that individual occupied will be left vacant. This emptiness is a wound that will take time to heal.

Every moment of every day mankind is creating a permanent record that will speak for itself in eternity. There will be no going back to make changes or to take advantage of opportunities lost. Each day has a beginning and an end-never to be revisited. There is absolutely nothing in our lives that will go unnoticed or be considered unimportant. Every thought, every deed, every work spoken is recorded for eternity

There is only one way this record can be affected–with the blood of Christ. When applied the record is erased never to be remembered again, and the individuals name is recorded in God’s book of life. If the blood is not applied – man will be judged by the things recorded in the book of his life. Man’s place in eternity will be determined by how he responds to the Spirit‘s witness. Remember the flesh is mortal and in no way has the power to please God. Man is only able to connect with God through the supernatural–spirit to Spirit.

Man’s days are numbered. Somewhere out there he will encounter the veil between time and eternity through which he will pass–suddenly and without warning. Man brought nothing into this world and he will take nothing out. However, the record of his life is permanently preserved by God, unto the Day of Judgment. Live life deliberately and purposefully knowing that one day you will give an account of the deeds done in the flesh.

I am a seventy year old widow with three girls and eight grandchildren. I have been writing over thirty years. I usually write from deep emotional experiences. There is always a story behind the story.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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