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The Lord Is Our Shield

By Leonard Granger

LENS LINES ———A Little Religion on a Positive Note——- By Len Granger

The Lord is Our Shield

We see in the Bible many references to nature and things around us. Man often would rely on animals for their protection, and would use horses and oxen to provide transportation. We see in Psalm 33-17 to 20, ” An horse is a vain thing for safety, neither shall he deliver any by his great strength. Behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy. To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them, alive in famine. Our soul waited for the Lord; He Is Our Help And Our Shield.”

Recently we were alerted to a very severe storm headed our way, that would reach us in less than an hour. On our farm, I watched closely as the black dangerous looking clouds rolled toward us with lightning and thunder announcing their arrival. We have seen similar clouds seldom before and after they moved over us, several tornados were sighted and did some damage.

It was interesting to see how our beef cattle, who spend all their days in the open pasture, reacted to a storm of this nature. While the sun was shinning they were contented and leisurely enjoying the plentiful green grass they were consuming. Their calves, all about a month old were laying together and enjoying a snooze in the warm sunshine.

As the storm approached, the cows and the bull kept a close watch on the dark rolling clouds and gradually worked their way toward a row of protecting large trees at the edge of the pasture. When the winds, proceeding the storm, arrived with their howling nature, the bull lead his herd to shelter. Then the mother cows called to the calves to take cover, but I did not see the calves get up and move, even with the heavy winds. Then the first part of the storm arrived with a frosting of pea size hail pelting the ground. The calves must have now realized they were in danger and ran as fast as they could to their mothers for her shield of protection.

How true it is with our lives. We coast along through out our years of living, thinking every thing is sunshine, Then when the clouds of hardship and despair are on the horizon where do we turn for comfort? Do we put our faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ to be our Shield against the storm approaching??? Or do we believe we control our own destiny and hope the storm will turn away and give us sunshine for another day?

Our time on this earth is in the hands of our Lord, so we should pray to him and ask for forgiveness and accept his shield of protection from all the storms of life we will be facing. We trust this coming Sunday we will all be praising and worshiping the Lord in the church of our choice. God Bless America.

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Christian Newspaper writer in California

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