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By Robert E Macklin

So the early Christian church was divided into two “camps”, unlike today.The followers of Jesus, led by his brother James, in one that took the very Jewish message to the Jews and the diaspora of Israel, proselyting Gentiles on the way; whereas Paul carried a very simple message of the Christ to the Gentiles and accepting Jews..no special observance of the Law, no circumcision, no special keeping of the sabbath, no concern for “unclean” food..making it easier for Gentiles to accept his teaching.

The gospel was essentially the same..the Kingdom of God would be established with the Christ at its head, and those who believe would be saved and look forward to great times and happy days. An aside, once in awhile in his writings you realize that Paul thought the Kingdom’s arrival was imminent. But, for that matter, so apparently did Jesus. Barnabas “separated” himself from Paul, claiming that he didn’t like the way his cousin, Mark was being treated..no details, but apparently Mark forgave Paul, because around ten years later he was with him in Rome. So, Paul set out on his own to bring his gospel throughout the Roman Empire to the Gentiles (used generic term “Greeks”). Now, here is where it gets a little tricky. True, they were essentially agreed on the message, even though their requirements differed. BUT, the Disciples of Jesus believed that there was the need to “do things” to earn their place in the Kingdom. James declared that faith by itself is “dead”, if there is no “works”. And that represented the general nature of the approach of all the other Apostles. Paul states very emphatically that we are saved through FAITH and faith alone. Paul states further that this is accomplished through the GRACE of God.

When determining what message applies to you, it’s simple..if you are a Gentile, the teaching of Paul is meant for you. There’s a passage that helps to understand better how this is accomplished..2 Timothy 2:15 tells us to rightly divide the truth (some bibles say “handle”, but that’s not what Paul intended). So Paul encourages us to read and enjoy any and all scripture, but when it come to determining the “truth” and what we should believe in..look to his writings. So, Paul says it is by the Grace of God that we are saved. What must we do to earn this Grace? By whose Faith are we saved?

An actor who wrote and has performed in a one-man play on the life of the Apostle Paul over 1100 times. He’s also portrayed Jesus over 300 times. His book, JESUS: THE FINAL JOURNEY seeks to discover His mind-set to determine the “why” of His actions during His last year on earth.

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