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The Resurrection Message

By Grace Tom-Lawyer

“…..But go tell His disciples and Peter….”Mark 16:7 New King James Version

When someone is critically ill in the hospital and approaching the final moments, the family is usually sent for. This is done with the aim of providing them the opportunity of hearing the last words of their loved ones which is deemed to be very important. All the writers of the Gospel shower importance also on the concluding words of Jesus both at the Last Supper and on the Cross. It is true wisdom then to put an equal degree of attention to the message that he gives either directly or indirectly through the angels after his resurrection(Matthew 28:1-8,Mark 16:1-8,Luke 24:1-12&John 20:1-10).

In one of the very first resurrection messages,Jesus makes Peter aware that he is thinking of him.According to Mark’s Gospel, the women were instructed at the empty tomb to deliver the message of the resurrection to the disciples and Peter. We all know that Peter messed up by denying Jesus three times.Ironically,this is also recorded in all four gospels(Matthew 26:69-75,Mark 14:66-72,Luke 22:55-62&John 18:15-18,25-27) but we see the heart of Jesus reaching out in forgiveness as he ensures that Peter is mentioned. How comforting this message”…go tell his disciples and Peter…” of a second chance must have been to Peter. Both Luke and John record that Peter of all the disciples (Luke 24:12;John 20:3-4)was the first to run out to check the empty tomb. The energy for the run must have been fuelled by the love of being mentioned personally. He is mentioned after the other disciples so that we do not put unnecessary emphasis on him but see him in the right context as another disciple(Mark 16:7).

The Gospel of Mark is believed by most scholars to have been written by John Mark who is said to have abandoned the ministry with Apostle Paul and Barnabas during their first missionary trip. Things were probably too difficult and he chose not to continue at Perga (Acts 13:13).Quite naturally,during the second missionary trip, Barnabas and Paul had a sharp disagreement on account of taking him with them and separated ways (Acts 15:36-41)but later on towards the end of Paul’s ministry, he asked Timothy to bring John Mark for he is profitable for the ministry (2 Tim 4:11). This Mark was the spiritual son of Peter (1 Peter 5:13,Acts 12:12) and tradition indicates that Peter helped him write the Gospel that bears his name. No wonder he is the only one of all the Gospel writers who recorded the personal message for Peter. If it is true that John Mark is the writer of this gospel, I am pleased and encouraged as he pens down these words knowing how he had also been given a second chance too -” tell the disciples and Peter”… “Bring John Mark”.  What a parallel of grace!.

The death and resurrection of Christ gave us a second chance with God(Ephesians 2:13,Colossians 2:13).As recipients of his grace,we should extend this grace (John 1:16) to others as we consider some of our relationships in this season. As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, let us allow his resurrection power to visit some of our dead and comatose relationships and extend grace to people who may have wronged us(Philemon 1:21).

Grace Tom-Lawyer is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom and loves to share a message that brings dignity to the lives of people with a passion for the practical application of Biblical truths in everyday living.
2014 Grace Tom-Lawyer. All rights reserved.

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The Resurrection Message

by Grace Tom-Lawyer  

But go tell His disciples and Peter….”Mark  16:7 New King James Version
When someone is critically ill in the hospital and approaching the final moments, the family is usually sent for. This is done with the aim of providing them the  opportunity of hearing  the last words of their loved ones  which is deemed to be very important.

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