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The Wielding

By Pam Ford Davis

Delilah manipulated her man and he unwittingly succumbed to her powers of persuasion. As I recall the saga of Samson and Delilah, I pity the poor man. The vamp duped him and he paid a steep price for imbibing on the fruits of passion. God’s chosen never learned to say no when temptation lured him onto paths the sanctified should never trod.

I do not believe Delilah’s den is where the story began with “Once upon a time” Scriptures reveal that our leading man once held great promise. God set him apart, as holy, a peculiar person. Vows of a Nazarite included no cutting of his locks or drinking fruit of the vine. (Judges 13:5-7) He came from a godly home and knew both the demands and blessings of his call.

Today with our propensity to use stereotypes and labels, we would tag Samson as a womanizer. He knew what he wanted and found females to fulfill those wanton desires. More, more, more became his mantra, and a wasted life the heartache of his parents. There are always two sides in any relationship. He used women as objects of lust. Women like Delilah, used him as a means of personal profit.

I was not a little mouse hiding behind cheese and wine in her boudoir, if I had been, Delilah would have tantalized me with something to nibble on for a long, long time. I would have taken the bait and tried to elude capture just as her beguiled guest. I can only fantasize on all that led to his cruel fate

Samson found her alluring in every way. She was beautiful in form and seductive in voice and movements. The wine flowed and her hair cascaded upon his statuesque shoulder. The room was fragrant with spices and incense and she fanned scents in his direction. He had cast aside hunger pangs with no thought of nurturing his body; instead, he satisfied the flesh with her voluptuous figure and intoxicating caresses.

Her captive drifted in and out of consciousness while playing games; his hostess was a very persuasive playmate. He was always one jump ahead of her and had the last laugh. Delilah was not in a laughing mood and used her trump card; she simply wore him down. Repetition and tears persuaded him to reveal the supernatural source of his strength.

If he had his hair cut, he would no longer be ferocious as a lion but weak as a mouse. Her persuasion had built to such a high pitch it mesmerized him into a trance. He lost not only strength of body but also character. The enemies’ weapons of war did not clinch Samson’s capture; wiles of a woman sealed his fate.

I am a woman. I have the power of influence. The wielding of that power is a great responsibility. God holds me accountable and I will leave behind a legacy or a path to destruction. Once upon a time is where my story began. I desire to lead others into the eternal bliss of living happily ever after

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