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The Word Made Flesh

By Jacqui Julyan

There will be many people today, certainly where I live, doing a witness walk for Jesus Christ and the celebration of Easter. I have done a couple of marches for Jesus over my twenty nine years of being a Christian, but most of other marches have been in the ordinary every day walking by myself or with my dog. I speak of Jesus not just at Christmas or Easter but whenever the Holy Spirit moves me. The move of the Holy Spirit is rejected by most churches today and those who walk in the Spirit of God are rejected just as Jesus was rejected by the Pharisees, Sadducees and the like. As I sat in prayer, or rather quiet with the Lord today in much weakness the Lord gave me these words which I want to share with you. Although written to me personally at the beginning, although you may be able to relate spiritually on this account, the Lord then opened up to me of the unbelief that many Christians have that He truly is alive ..I pray you seek the Lord with what I write and any errors will be mine and mine alone. God Bless Jacqui x

My dearest child, I love you and I will never leave you nor forsake you. I know your suffering both now and through all of your years. Do not trouble yourself about bible translations. I am the Word made flesh. I can reach anyone, any time. Do not compare or contrast your walk with anyone else. This is a worldly view and doesn’t belong to the Kingdom of god. I have no favourites. Each child is special to me, I am not like any man in any way. Man calls what is evil, good. No-one searches me out, nor seeks me, the Holy Scriptures point to Me.

Only by coming to Me shall anyone taste true life. There is much studying, comparing, dissecting of My Word that now is as shredded paper being trampled upon and completely ignored, yet to those who believe it is treasured. Yet, I say again many treasure the words more than the PERSON who spoke the Word, namely Me, Jesus. The Word was God, the Word was from the Beginning. I am the Alpha and Omega.

My Spirit lives in you for without My Spirit you are dead and still left in your sins. But as it is I have spoken My Word and you are clean because of it. Sit quietly with Me and not the book, the bible, listen to My Voice alone and you will know, as I have spoken to you before, that it will never contradict the written account as I have proven to you. Am I not above all things? I can reach even those who have not seen or heard My Words in ink. I say this because I am Spirit. God is Spirit. I have placed eternity into each man’s heart for I created all. I came into the world to save and not to condemn. The Word became flesh and dwelt among you. I died, I rose from the grave, now I am alive for evermore!

Why do many not really, truly comprehend this truth, those who claim to know me do not really believe that I am alive? I am not a book, I am not the book. The letter of the law kills but My Spirit gives life, just as it hovered over the earth from the Beginning. It is the same Spirit.

It is not a story as some still suppose which one can pick up now and again. For I am He that liveth, I stand at the door and knock. I, who was slain, am now alive. See I am doing a new thing, I shall reach into the hearts of many with My Word with My Spirit and not the spirit of man, the letter of the law that kills and still steals and destroys many lives. Behold I am alive! The Word of God is not chained. As I spoke to the prophets of old, I still speak to many today, those who walk by the Spirit of God and not the flesh as though of the world.

Do not despair, the devil has bound many in the studying of scriptures, but I, the LORD, have written my law upon their hearts that no man may teach him. Turn off your radios, your tv, put down your Christian books, audio’s and stuff which has to do with the world and Come to Me! Many claim to believe but live as the world, this should not be, they belong to the world and the Father is in enmity with them, yet still they think they are accepted. They are not! They are still in their sins! They are bound by the deceiver who controls the whole world, he has blinded their eyes through their outward acts of righteousness.

You do believe for you have seen me with your eyes, I unveiled myself to you for the Father chose to do so for His good pleasure and continues to reveal Himself still today. You do you believe you have heard My Voice, for My sheep know my voice.

Shake the dust off your feet child, but continue to go to whom I send you to, both on-line and where you live, for as the Spirit moves, so I will move you. Do not be afraid of this. Do not despair of your circumstances, I enfold you with My Peace which is not as the world gives, it is from above. As I have promised you I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Many love the praise of men, they have this life as their reward remember when I spoke to you about this last week. Do not doubt, just believe what I say and give to you. I, the Lord am alive! I am your Redeemer who lives! I am not dead but came to bring life to many. Yes, shake the dust off your feet child, you went to those whom I sent you as I told you I would many years ago when you said yes to me ‘Yes I will go’. Trust me in this. Do not grieve any more, for I sent you in weakness and much suffering but they continued to harden their hearts against me not you. They have rejected me, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, though they march today in support of me, they are actually against me.

To those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying: I am alive forever more. Come to me you who are hungry for you shall be fed by Him who is the Bread of Life. I died, yes, rose again and now I am alive forever more. The words I speak will bring life and life in abundance unto my returning. Amen


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