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The Works of LeRoy Ramirez, Gabriel’s Prophecy, Part 4 of 8

Atricle By LeRoy Ramirez

The Vision

The vision given Daniel was for his time and a time to come. Likewise, the vision given to John was for his time and a time to come. Today, the vision is for our time and a time to come. Further the visions and their times are connected.

Daniel’s vision of great worldly images describes the continuing development and manifestation of historical events by which the people of God and the world at large have continued to be influenced. Wars have occurred, kingdoms have risen and fallen and physical Jerusalem and its temple were built and restored. But New Jerusalem, the spiritual city and temple representing the completed family of God has yet to be realized.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the vision foreseen by Daniel. The time for its unveiling arrived in the time of John. Within the Revelation, the building of spiritual Jerusalem is completed and the temple of God is restored.

Within the Revelation, the future torture, sufferings and persecution for the church then present, was prophetically revealed. But the message of the vision is for the end time church as well. The writings of a host of early church fathers provide descriptions of the persecuted church during those times. In the last days, scripture will be similarly fulfilled. Jerusalem must once again suffer persecution, tribulation and destruction. It is certain that a later day, spiritually evil, pseudo Jerusalem will be destroyed. In the Revelation it is likened to the representative evil of Sodom and Egypt, a representation of evil worldly influence. (Rev 11:8) At that time Jerusalem, the true city of God, the holy people of his church will suffer severe persecution for the testimony of Jesus. Many, who shall be revealed as mere professors’ of the faith, will turn coldly away from the Lord in the great apostasy prophesied for those days.

In every nation, many that shall have previously claimed allegiance to God and His Christ will give new allegiance to the world. They will refuse to suffer as faithful witnesses in holy testimony to the Lord. Unwilling to suffer worldly loss for Jesus, they will give the service of their lives over to the sensual pleasures of this world. Their God shall be the works of their hands. Their faith shall of the world to fulfill the lusts of their flesh. They will become increasingly hedonistic and self idolatrous. They will deny Christ to escape persecution. The weakest walls of the city will crumble. The foundations of the temple will tremble. The ancient prophets, the apostles and the Lord himself give warning of the coming “…great apostasy.”

That seeming loss shall in reality be no loss at all. Those that apostatize were tares. The apostasy is purgative for the sake of the people of God. Truth and hypocrisy shall be separated by tragic evacuation that shall declare unto all, the right of God to bestow forever, the riches of glory upon his faithful children. But the inheritance of those who practice false religion is death eternal without life. There are no options. All is created and consists by the faith of God. Deny the faith of God and you deny existence.

Concerning False Religion

Who gave Jacob to the spoil? Did not the Lord, he against whom we have sinned? (Isa 42:24)

The last book in the Old Testament is a scathing accusation against false religion. Prior to the time of Malachi, the people of God were sent into seventy years of captivity because they transgressed the word of the Lord. They filled their lives with the idolatrous practice of worldly unbelievers and became faithless. (2 Chr 36:14-21; Jer 2:23) After the captivity they eventually became steeped in transgressed once again. Through false worship manifested as vanity, pride, selfishness and pomp, the priests in the days of Malachi were contemptuous before God. He accused them of sacrilege within the service of their calling. (Mal 2:1-8)

The holy church was profaned. Their service, their sacrifice and all they did for God was a profane abomination to the Lord. Their religion was not of God regardless of their claims. They brought the “…torn and the lame for sacrifice…, as if the “…table of the Lord…” was a “…contemptible…” thing. (Mal 1:7-8) God cursed the “…blessings…” of the priests. (Mal 2:1)

The holy office, upon which the people depended for godly communication and administration, was profaned by the priests. It could not bless them, it could only curse them. The Old Testament reveals that as the ways of temple priests were, so were the ways of the people. What a tragic picture and what warning for these days, given unto us who call upon the name of the Lord. For, we are all temple priests with the responsibility of bringing acceptable offerings to the Lord. (1Peter 2:9, Rom 12:1-2, 1st Peter 2:5)

Through the prophets, the Lord spoke to the people concerning his displeasure and severely warned them. (Mal 2:1-11) But the people were hard of hearing and matters progressed for the worst. The effects of conquest by Alexander the Great spread Greek culture throughout the vanquished nations of the world. Eventually, Greek thinking was assimilated by Jewish thought. Thereafter, the wisdom of liberality and legalism common to worldly cultures influenced interpretation and application of the Mosaic Law.

There were some who practiced and protected the old ways. There were certain rabbis and their followers who were known as the ‘pious ones.’ Eventually however, they also erred through legalism and held the people captive therein. The prophet Ezra had introduced a Godly legalism of the law that was necessary to the time shortly after the captivity. Within the instruction given, Israel was instructed to “turn back” and be an obedient, separate people unto God. However, in the course of time religion became professionalized through extreme legalism steeped in traditionalism. Eventually there were Legal specialists known as “scribes” who devoted themselves to the study of the law and began introducing subtle interpretations. As the ‘pious ones’ they stressed morality through painstaking, ceremonial legalism.

God’s warning of abominable service and worship was realized about 230 years after the time of Malachi. Pious, loose religion and dead works would be practiced by one priest alongside dead piety of another.
Onias & Jason, circa 170 BC

Onias was high priest and one of the ‘pious.’ His brother Jason was a Hellenist of the liberals. Jason in an attempt to usurp the priesthood promised the Assyrian King, Antiochus Epiphanes that he would erect a gymnasium and temple to the god Phallus, in exchange for the privilege of Jews to become recognized citizens of Antioch. Jason wanted worldly acceptance, Antiochus complied.

In Antiochus Epiphanes, fulfillment of the Lord’s word of warning came to pass. Antiochus profaned the altar of the temple by sacrificing swine upon it. He set up a statue of himself inside and dedicated it to the pagan Olympian god Zeus. Hebrew children were enrolled in Olympian Games as devotees to pagan gods. Jewish legalism was outlawed. The people were forced to openly sacrifice to idols, upon penalty of death. Anyone found with a copy of the law or the prophets was also put to death. Service to God was destroyed.

The corruption was revealed as progressive internal decadence, within ostentatious, service to God. By such transgression, evil was ultimately personified by a man from the ranks of humanity, raised to defile the house of God, the altar and temple. The temple was taken over by a man seeking to be worshiped. The altar became an object of profanity for abominable sacrifice. This was the desolation.

It seems irrefutable. That persecution was a precursor of that which shall transpire in the later days. Jesus said the “abomination” spoken of by Daniel would be set up in the temple just before the tribulation period. (Matt 24:14-24) Another man in the future shall rule in the temple. The words of Jesus are a dire warning for us upon whom the later days have come. It is the enemy who desires to “…be like the most high…” Antiochus dedicated the temple to Zeus, confirming the Lord’s warning of forthcoming profane religious practice. (Mal 2:11) And so it was, the warning from God was ignored but fulfilled. There is yet another time for these events, once again. Be warned.

False religion entered as priests intermarried with heathen women that worshiped strange Gods. The men followed suit and women of other nations, trained to serve and worship pagan gods, influenced Israel. Thereafter, pagans were accepted and assimilated into citizenship. They brought with them, the idols and rituals of paganism. Through incredible hypocrisy, the priests marrying heathen women thought to keep certain requirements of the law by putting away wives of their own people. Such brazen effrontery, in the face of God, eventually resulted in disastrous consequences. The anger of the Lord rose against His people.

“Judah hath dealt treacherously and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah hath profaned the holiness of the LORD which he loved, and hath married the daughter of a strange god. (Mal 2:11)

The wrath of God arrived in strength. Two hundred and thirty years into transgression, under the yoke of the Assyrian king, a type of the antichrist spirit to come, Israel witnessed the profanation of the Holy temple. The people had committed great transgression. Through intermarriage with heathen women by the priesthood, the life of the Israelite family was defiled by paganism and eventual pollution within service of the priesthood.

God does not change. The message is clear. Being unequally yoked with an unbelieving world is to be yoked with the idolatry of hedonism, that is, the self serving ways of the world. That is hateful in the eyes of the Lord. (2 Chr 6:14-16) Consequence arrives in timely fashion against those who falsely called upon His name.

We must learn from the lessons of the past. We are just as culpable as those who received warning from Malachi. Scripture is written specifically for the purpose of our learning. (Rom 15:4) In light of what is written concerning the end time and of these things assuredly pointing to the end time, what care should we exercise in purity of service and worship? Should we say that God has changed since the time of Malachi? Should we suppose he now demands less holiness? Are we to suppose that because our Father sacrificed his son to establish our victory that we may now exercise less discipline to holiness? God forbid. Indeed, because of Jesus, our responsibility is even greater. (Mal 3:6)

“And now, O ye priests, this commandment is for you. If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the LORD of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart. Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it. (Mal 2:1-3)

Gabriel’s Prophecy 1998

Author LeRoy Ramirez

Age 66

Baptist, entire life.



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