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Transform me, O Lord my God

Transform me, O Lord my God
By Faith C

Dear Lord Jesus and my Father, I come to You today as a sinner, broken, lowly and so needful of You

I confess all my sins before You O my Lord and Saviour and repent of them

I ask You to please show me the hidden sins and ones that I am unwilling to face or get rid off

Give me dear Lord a truly repentant heart today and deliver me of everything that is within and without

Father and my Lord Jesus, I am so needy of Your Presence within me and around me

I am so needy of Your Holy Spirit to help and comfort me

I am so needy of a total transformation dear God and can no longer be who I am

I surrender to You O Mighty God and give You all of me

I surrender my thoughts, words and deeds

I surrender my life and my family

I surrender my friends and all relationships

I surrender all my cares and the worries that I have about myself or those in my life

I give it all to You O Holy One

Lord Jesus, my Heavenly Father, look upon me today with pity and mercy

Look upon me with love and tenderness for I am so empty inside and so needy of Your touch

Lift me up O God as You wash me completely clean

Fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit and change me forever

May I be holy and pleasing to You

May I be Your humble servant as You lead me

May I be faithful and true and follow Your Word

May I listen to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit and your Divine Voice and let go of all that I must

Help me dear Lord and Father, receive all of me today

Make me holy I pray, make me more like You

Bless me before I go dear Lord and lay Your Hand upon my life permanently

I am completely Yours, receive me dear Lord

I also ask for a special touch for all in my life and ask to draw them closer

I ask for a special revelation of Your love, grace, divinity and blessings for all those who will say this prayer

Thank You O Lord my God, in Jesus’ Name I pray amen

“Let us humble ourselves and turn towards God today. Let not our faults or failings prevent us from reaching out to God. He is waiting for us as a Prodigal Father to return to Him and ready to change us and teach us His ways.”

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