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Turn your eyes upon Jesus

By Oluwatoyin Osinibi

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, and look to His wonderful face, all things of this world shall grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.

When your eyes are upon Him, the weight of the natural things no longer has effect on you. Gazing on Him is waiting for that which is supernatural and the natural mind can not understand it. There will be peace like river even when all is crumbling down in your life. Set your eyes on Him again!
How God want us to learn from His word daily. Many times we set our hearts on how things happen naturally. This could be marital, emotional, financial, immigration, health wise and etc. But God would always want to create scenes that portrays to the natural mind that this can’t be possible.

In the contest at Mount Carmel, Elijah had to pour water on the woods that he gathered and you know what this means! Naturally speaking anything that wet can’t be consumable-that is the natural law. But Elijah was doing this to allow room for these people to see that God can cross any barrier. Fire came; the wood and the rest were all consumed. god is not bound by natural law!

Take your eyes off the symptoms, the natural effect of things and set your eyes on Him till He comes! He who will come will come, He shall not tarry. Though the vision tarries wait for it.

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