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‘Twas The Night Before The Real Christmas

(without Jesus’ birth; there is no Christmas);(adapted from the original poem)

By Ron C. Kyker,

‘Twas the night before the real Christmas and all through the house

God’s Spirit was not stirring…His Spirit had been doused

Christmas decorations had been hung with great care

But the spiritual cupboards were quite all very bare

The children were all asleep having failed to stay awake

To catch Santa eating the cookies they together had baked

They dreamed of presents…of dolls, candy, and sleds

No thoughts of Christ’s birth ever entered their heads

Mama was wrapping presents…Me putting together the sled

There was no time for Jesus…Good cheer we had to spread

Then all of a sudden I heard a sound that gave me much caution

It sounded like it was coming from outside in the garden

I ran to the window to see what on Earth had caused this fright

Peering through the blinds I could see not so clearly in moonlight

Through the falling snow sparkling bright as it fell

I saw seven figures all dressed in white as they knelt

Running to the doorway I went to get a better gaze

Upon opening the door an angel met me there in my haze

He said…I bring a Heavenly chorus with a message to bring

Then the seven figures arose and their message they began to sing

So haunting yet beautiful…not from Earth was this sound to my ears

It was an angel chorus singing God’s Son would soon be here

I suddenly in my stomach began to feel very sick

I would have expected anyone but this…maybe even St. Nick


So majestic and brilliantly did Christ suddenly come

With a star in the East shining bright red as the Sun

He called me by name and asked “why don’t you believe”

“For your eternal soul” He said “do I mournfully grieve”

“Two thousand years it has been since I came”

“I died on that cross so you could be without blame”

And then in a twinkling…I heard on the roof

An angel there saying “I’ll give you some proof”

As I turned back to Jesus…Jesus was gone

There standing instead was Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John

They were dressed all in sack cloth from their head to their foot

They were all tarnished with ashes and covered in soot

The angel then spoke saying “In mourning they fast and they pray”

He said “they also died so you could know The Way”

I flung myself down…down flat on the ground

Realizing how lost I was and needed to be found

Then I heard a voice whispering softly into my ear

Fear not my friend for just as the angel said your Savior is near

I lifted up my eyes to see Jesus standing there

With a tear in His eyes and a twinkle not found anywhere

He was dressed in white…so bright was the sight

He stretched out His right hand…I grabbed hold of the light

He looked like purity as His Holy light shined

I rose to my feet…He was so loving and so kind

As I lowered my head…I asked Him to please forgive me

He said “you were once blind, but now you can see”

With a wink of His eye and a twist of His head

Gone He was and the star that shone so red

I heard the angel say as he too faded away

Good tidings to you…spread His joy this Christmas Day


I gathered up the kids and I woke up Mama

Dusted of my bible and said forget about Santa

I read from Luke and then I read some from John

I told them of Christ’s birth and the events on the lawn

We then opened our presents…but now to all we proclaim

The greatest gift of Christmas…Jesus is His name


Vasquez Savage



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