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Understanding God’s Will In Two Minutes

By Michael Blunk Th.D.

I am inclined to think we make the matter of understanding God’s will a difficult proposition when, in fact, knowing God’s will is really rather simple. The Bible says it is God’s will that all should trust in Jesus as Savior. This seems simple enough. And the Bible says we should share our faith with others. Okay. Scripture says we should love others. James said that we should care for widows and orphans. Paul said we should esteem others greater than ourselves. Jesus said we are to love our enemies. Jude wrote that we should earnestly contend for the faith.

The Bible calls on us to heed the commands and teachings of Christ Jesus. We are to be faithful students of Scripture. We are to perform our daily duties in ways that honor our Lord Jesus. We are to uplift the name of God with our songs and praises. We are to be in a state of prayer. We are to be watchful for the return of Jesus Christ. We are to shun the ploys and schemes of Satan. Say, we are accumulating quite a list, aren’t we?

These may seem rather self-evident, but we must honestly assess how we are doing with the basics.

You want to know God’s will? I have just given you a starter list. Perhaps this list is a bit too basic. You desire to know His hidden truths. I will let you in on a secret: if you begin with these basics, God will reveal His deeper truths to you. But it is His will that you adhere to these basics first. If you cannot manage the basics of God’s will, do not expect to understand His deeper truths.

I have told you the truth. Act on these basics and God’s ultimate will for your life will not seem so mysterious.

Dr. Michael Blunk is a staff writer for an apologetics ministry and serves full time as a chaplain with Wayside Christian Mission. You may contact him at dr.michaelblunk@gmail.com

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