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Was Jesus Really Human?

By Tope Olawumi

Many people, including some professing Christians find it difficult to accept the facts that Jesus was human when He was here on earth. They have always believed that Jesus is God and that He came as God and that was why He cannot sin, nor be defeated by the devil.

This is a serious fault, for our faith in Christ is hooked upon the humanity of Christ. If Christ is not human it will be impossible for Him to adequately save us in the way He did. For Him to qualify as our savior He has to experience what we are experiencing, and in His heavenly body, that will be impossible.

Let us take a look at the word of God to confirm what it says about the humanity of Christ.

There are some things that Christ did while He was on earth that only humans can do, they are things that angels cannot do, and hence we cannot overlook all of these and say that Jesus was not human.

He was given birth to, and grew up as an infant:

Jesus was born of a woman just like every other person on earth; his mother carried him in the womb for nine months, not more, not less, just as it was for every one born into the world. If He was not human which womb can carry Him, who can give birth to the King of kings and Lord of lords?

But he was born as a babe in the manger, and the bible recorded His birth so that all may know that truly He was human. That was why also, the angels came to announce the birth to the Shepherds, and the news spread as far as the east trough the three wise men.

The growth of Jesus was not different from that of a normal child, there was nothing spectacular or unusual really about his growth, that was why the bible was silent about it until about the age of 12 when we heard briefly of his encounter with the doctors of law in the temple, and thereafter nothing again until when He started His ministry.

While Jesus was growing up He was asking questions about issues that He did not understand, meaning that as that time He was not all-knowing, meaning that He was human. The fact that He chose to ask questions from the leaders of the Temple shows that he recognized that his parents; Joseph and Mary could not give Him the answers that He needs, He thus turned to the doctors of the law to find out from them.

But because of the Spirit of God in Him, his intelligence, and keenness of mind was too much for the Temple leaders to handle.

The fact that he has to grow also shows that He was human, because spirits cannot grow. If he was not human he will not be able to grow. But he grew in stature and in wisdom. Luke 2:52. He actually passed through all the human development stages; crawling, walking, talking, etc.

All of these were the part of the reason why he did not start his ministry early. He had to wait till the age of maturity before he started, at that time he was ready spiritually, mentally, and physically to do the job, hence he was able to succeed in it.

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