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We Will Have Consequences of Our Sins/Wrong Doing

By Angela Watkins,

Psalm 18 . King David. Sin . El Elyon . Pray . Tragedy . Sunday School Lesson . Book of Job . Ezekiel 18 . Suffering . Storms . Jesus . Lord . Repent . Ezekiel/Yehezkel

The below is not a new article, but an article I shared at a website 8/9/2007.
I pray that we have been seriously in prayer for all the Tragedy that have taken placed. Is The Most High God – El Elyon Sleep? No HE is not. Genesis 14:18 – 20, Isaiah 14:14b.
And yes my heart has been heavy this week from all that I could see going on but I know that angels are holding back the 4 winds of heaven (Revelation 7:1). Keep praying and look up. (My newsletters will not be this lengthy every week)
My Sunday School lesson notes is coming first in this newsletter and I do pray that someone is encouraged, helped in their christian walk, their personal walk, their job, their career and their business walk.
I am still looking at the Book of Job. As Job we are to trust God through the storms/the things we do not understand.
All suffering/storms do not mean that someone has done something wrong it can be “tests.” Do we have the patience of Job? Matthew 8:23-27 Tells me about the Disciples and Jesus in the storm. Jesus does have the power to speak and yes even the wind/storm/sea will obey HIM.
Angela’s Sunday School Lesson Notes for 8-12-07
Devotional Reading – Psalm 18:20 – 24
Background Scripture – Ezekiel 18
We Will Have Consequences of Our Sin/Wrong Doing
Psalm 18: 20 – 24
A Psalm of David, who spoke unto the LORD, that the LORD would deliver him from the hand of all his enemies
verse 20 – Obeying God, Rewards of Obedience
verse 21, 22, 23 – Obeying God, Examples of Obedience
verse 24 – Works of God, Their Prosperity
Ezekiel 18:4, 20 – 23, 30 – 32
Ezekiel/Yehezkel (name meaning strengthen by God) He was a prophet, and his wife took sick and she died. His message was twofold (1) coming destruction (2) comfort and looking for the Kingdom of God.
verse 4 – Behold, “””all”””” souls are mine; – God the absolute owner of man
verse 20 – Other sins not to be suffered for
verse 21, 22 – Repentance, Encouragement to repentance, promises to the penitent(those who repent from sin/wrong doing)
verse 23, 31, 32 – The Purposes of God, Has no pleasure in their death
verse 30 – Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways, saith the LORD God.
“Repent,” and “turn” yourselves all your transgressions (sins/wrong doing); – Repentance, Repentance a Duty
Scripture reference taken from Crusade Publishers, Inc. Mt. Juliet, Tn
Angela Watkins, awatkins12@yahoo.com, Book Reviewer, Writer/Blogger, Researcher, Former Sunday School Teacher, http://angelawatkins57.blogspot.com

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