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Like me, I am sure that there has been a time when you may have questioned your belief.  I have questioned my beliefs many times, especially when I see the things that are happening in the world today.

Things like the starvation that exists in the third world countries, the terrorism that is going on, even the things that happen in my own family.  I ask myself “why would God let these things happen, we are all supposed to be his children, his creation?”

The Bible tells us to love our neighbors.  It also tells us not to kill, so when these things happen, I find myself thinking “is there really a God, did Jesus really die for us?”  Then I see a new born baby or I see different races mixing as friends, and different religions praying together.  I then realize that most people love one another, and that that is what God wanted for us.

I believe that there is one God, but many prophets.  After talking to many friends of different religions I now believe that different religions praise different prophets, but we all believe in one God, no matter what name is used for that God.

If we let the anger and the prejudice’s ruin our beliefs, then we are no better than the people that cause all the problems in this world. I was brought up to believe there is good and bad in all people, no matter the color of skin or their religion, and that is what I have taught my children up to believe.

I have learnt that the color of skin doesn’t matter.  Nor does the religion matter.  Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Bhudist or any of the other religions that exist does not matter.  If you look further than those things you will see that we are all Gods children, and that this is what the Bible tells us.

This site is for you.  We hope you read the articles we post and leave your thoughts about the articles on this blog.  Please sign up now and tell us how you feel about your beliefs, our articles and anything else that may come to mind relating to the Holy Story.

Mary Anne

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