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What Goes Around Comes Around

By Leonard Granger

LEN’S LINES —A Little Religion On A Positive Note By Len Granger

What Goes Around Comes Around

Over the years of our youth we may do things that seem not important , however, in later years they maybe a wonderful memory. If we take the time to help our neighbors, friends, classmates, and those we come in contact with, we see a verse in the Bible that gives us instructions. Our Lord Jesus Christ is telling us in the Book of John, Chapter 15, Verse 17, ” These things I command you, that you love one another.”

When I was a teenager in Iowa, so many years ago, I had a daily newspaper route while in Jr and High School. Through all kinds of weather the paper was delivered by bicycle in the summer and pulling a sled in the cold and snow of winter. With over a hundred newspapers the Sunday morning delivery was especially difficult after a winter snowstorm when the walkways had not been cleared. Half way through the delivery route I could most always count on a kind Greek lady having a cup of hot chocolate waiting for me when I placed her paper in the door.

This lady would tell me how they appreciated the American way of life and they attended church every Sunday. She knew when I was running late and would say, “Hurry you will be late for your church”. On the holidays of Easter and Christmas, this kind lady would bake a special cake with a whole egg in the center of it, and send it home with me for my family. I enjoyed hearing about Greece but never dreamed I would ever live there. However, that all changed when the Air Force sent me to the Support Group stationed at the Athens Airport.

While in Greece my wife and I would enjoy going into the remote countryside and a Greek fellow employee would go with us to help with the language and show us the sights. At one small out of way restaurant, we stopped to eat and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea view of the calm waters. The fish dinner was nice but my wife wanted the fish head removed and we all enjoyed the outstanding Greek meal and dessert.

At the next table, I heard a man speaking English and he mentioned Iowa where he lived in the United States. I asked him, what part of Iowa and he said the northeast section, town of Waterloo. As I looked at him, he seemed familiar, and when he mentioned living on West 7th Street, by the high school, I said I carried a newspaper route there for several years. I then recalled the kindness of the Greek lady, and told him how she would treat me so well. After his wife went home to be with the Lord, he retired from John Deere Tractor Co. and had recently returned to Greece to be with his extended family. The chance of us meeting in such a distant location has always been a Blessing from the Lord.

We read in the Bible, 1 Timothy, Chapter 4, Verse 12, ” Let no man despise the youth, but be an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity”. Things we do as a youth help mold us and as we grow in the Christian life we should try to pass those good building blocks to others we come in contact .

Pray we will all be in the church of our choice on Sunday, singing and worshiping our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ who loves us and is always there to guide us.

God Bless America


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