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What is the Role of a Modern Christian?

By Joseph Blaikie

Before departing from earth following his resurrection, Jesus made clear the mission of the first Christians in Matthew 28 verses 19 and 20:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.”

The mission was to spread the news of Jesus his teachings, the salvation he provided through his death and resurrection, and his promise to return triumphantly to rule on earth one day. It is because the early Christians diligently and bravely carried out this mission, often at the expense of their own lives, that the modern Christian church reaches to all corners of the world.

The early Christians had no shortage of enemies. Everywhere they went they were confronted by forces that despised their message and sought to silence them through imprisonment, torture, and death. Such forces are still at work today in far too many places in the world, but the more prevalent enemies of modern Christians are complacency, materialism, and ignorance.

Before addressing what the role of a modern Christian should be, let us look at what the role of a modern Christian has become. Many modern Christians do not actively participate in the religion they claim to follow. They don’t read the Bible. They rarely attend church, if at all. They pray only in times of need. They were raised in Christian families, but have become so caught up in the other material aspects of their lives that their faith is just an afterthought something to list on their Facebook profile (if they aren’t too ashamed to do so) or to pull out during the holidays. Their role is that of a mere statistic, nothing more.

Other modern Christians do actively participate in the religion, but do so in misguided ways. Some live strict and judgmental lives. Rather than being a light that shines, they act as a harsh spotlight pointing out the flaws of others. They have lost sight of Christ’s message of salvation and instead try to justify themselves through obedience to God’s laws a standard that no human can meet and the reason why Christ came to save us. These are not bad people, but they are misguided. They chase more people away from the Christian faith than they could ever hope to win over. Their role is that of judges.

Still other Christians that actively participate in the religion go to the other end of the spectrum. They treat church as a social event. The role of these Christians could best be described as planners and participators. They have taken many of the distractions that have drawn Christians away from religious participation and incorporated them into the church. Some might call this a stroke of genius. I see it as a potential pitfall. These Christians have turned churches into day-care centers, gymnasiums, financial consulting firms, and coffee houses. Fellowship is a good thing, but in order to be effective servants of Christ, Christians must go out into the world and interact with non-Christians. A church that provides a gym for its members is discouraging its members from joining a local health club where non-Christians may work out and thereby denying them an opportunity to evangelize. What happens is that a bubble begins to form around this community of Christians cutting more and more aspects of their lives away from a world that desperately needs their light and the examples they set. Instead of being individual lights shining in the darkness, they have gathered their light all in one place. Street lights spaced apart can light up an entire town. If you were to gather those lights all in one small corner of the town, the rest of the town would be in darkness. When Christians form their own society apart from the greater society, they create for themselves a society that is much better than the greater society, but they leave behind a society that is all the more corrupt and evil due to their absence.

So what is the role of modern Christians? The role of modern Christians is identical to that of the early Christians. It is to be messengers of Christ, going forth into the world to proclaim the news of salvation. Now it is understandable that all Christians cannot drop everything and become missionaries. We all have roles in society that we must fill and we all have unique talents. One does not need to travel around the world to help spread the word of Christ. You could provide financial support to groups that organize missions. You can call and write to elected officials to make sure they defend religious freedom not only in this country but around the world. You could be a missionary in your everyday life. Do not be afraid to speak to others about Christ but as you do it be careful not to come across as judgmental. Pick your moments and look to the Holy Spirit to guide you. Above all else, be a light that shines to the world. Let others see the difference that God has made in your life and never be ashamed to speak of him or to stand up for what is right.

The battle for the souls of humankind is far from over. The forces of evil are unrelenting. It is time for all Christians to return to the role that Christ assigned to us. We must spread the word of God so that as many people as possible may hear it and be saved.

Joseph Blaikie is the author of five books: The Essential Guide to Jesus, Heaven’s Darkest Hour, The Dragon and the Lamb, and the Demonslayer Chronicles vol. 1 and 2. To learn more about these books visit: http://sites.google.com/site/josephjblaikie/

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERMAKE A WEBSITE

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