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Where does the Allmighty stand on our perseptions of hell?

Where does the Allmighty stand on our perseptions of hell?
By paul killingbeck

The requirements of one seeking the truth of God on matters such as hell, takes a well committed individual that seeks God through his word; The Holy Bible. Both old and new Testiments need to be deeply investigated in order for one to get a clearer understanding of God and his desire for his creation to receive righteousness. Not all humankind have the abilities to conceive the wisdom that is offered here. It takes commitment to God through our Lord Jesus Christ, which begins upon what Christians call rebirth. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. From Jesus’ own lips, came the command for those who would overcome the temptations of life by dedicating their love to him because of their new found life of a forgiven sinner.

Knowing God’s everlasting righteousness, and that he is the only God with true love for all creation, one would understand that he does not desire anyone to be thrown into hell. He sent his only son Jesus into this world out of love for us, to give his life in death for our salvation.

Why are we constantly reminded that we can have but one God? If we serve any other God we are doomed to this place called Hell. Back up to the place where I mentioned that God is about love, where he is the God of righteousness. His desire is no different than a normal parent whose child raising years are stressed to mold that child into one who does good. When that child is disobedient to that parent what happens? And why? God knows that hell exists. He knows why it was made. He is the one in control and all should know that good always prevails over evil.

I am a 41 year old Christian man from Michigan. Married and no kids, yet. I haven’t always been on the good path. but through it all God found me and continues to teach me his ways, as I’ll learn each day that he allows me to live.

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