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Why is God Silent When You Need Him Most to Speak?

By Sharon Pratt

Why is it that sometimes when you most need God to speak clearly and distinctly…it seems He is silent? That is where I have been all week. I really, really, really need Him to speak to me…and all I hear is this deafening silence!

Whenever I have experienced this in the past…it has been difficult and somewhat painful to endure. I am accustomed to spending my “quiet time” with God in just that state: QUIET. Very often I hear from people “I wish God would speak to me”. I usually ask them “How do you spend your quiet time with God?”

They reveal themselves by admitting they pray, plead, thank God for everything He has done. But SELDOM do I hear “I just get quiet and sit with Him.” They don’t understand…that is WHEN you HEAR from Him. In YOUR silence. In your quiet time…He will speak. Sometimes, He whispers.

I do understand this. There have been many, many quiet times with God that in the stillness of the silence…He speaks. It has been in the quiet that so many answers have come. Answers to problems. Answers to questions. Answers to prayers. Tears wiped away by His gentle touch. His love expressed. His wisdom imparted. His Word made live. His ways revealed. His discipline imposed.

None of that would have occured if I simply went into my “prayer closet”…uttered a few praises…spent some time in the Word…made my requests known…said “amen” and rose to continue my day.

No…it is in the stillness. In the quiet time…in the moments (sometimes very LONG moments) that follow…in the time of “pressing in”…remaining in His presence, still and quiet that the Almighty speaks. Sometimes loud and clear…sometimes He speaks sternly…sometimes in loving, gentle whispers. Always he speaks in love. Always in those moments of quiet intimacy. That’s what He desires, after all…our intimacy. That intimate relationship that can only come through spending time together in quiet expression of love.

How “intimate” can a husband and wife be if the one or other simply shows up on the scene…tells the other how wonderful they are…declares to the other their needs and requests…then simply leaves the room? How long would that marital relationship last? If they never really came together? Not long, I am sure. Would you agree? Yet so often, that is exactly how we try to have “intimacy” with God. It doesn’t work that way.

We have to be willing to spend the time with the One Unconditional True Love of our life…proclaiming our love to Him, letting Him know how much He means to us, expressing our gratitude for everything He does for us (wow! When is the last time you did that with your spouse, let alone GOD?) , and then lovingly and gently spend time in sweet silence just being held in His arms…not saying a word. Just listening for His heartbeat.

When is the last time you sat still and peaceful…quiet…waiting for Him to speak. If you really want to hear His voice…you must do the quiet time. To get to that “quiet place” takes time. It takes commitment. No loving relationship can florish…or even survive without that. Why do we think our relationship with God can?

Okay, so…I know that. I give the time necessary to get there. However, every now and again, and seemingly when I need desperately need to hear from Him…I hear nothing. The silence lingers. Moments. Hours. Even days pass. Nothing. Not a sound. The silence becomes more and more deafening! I used to grow weary in that endless silence. Frustrated even. But not today.

Today, even in the silence I heard Him speak without a word. Today, I sensed that He knew how desperately I felt I needed to hear His voice…His answer. Today, He allowed me, yet once again, to experience a brand new revelation of Who He Is to me.

A couple days ago, I recieved an email from my friend, Elaine. It had a beautiful picture attached. It was Jesus standing holding a young woman closely to his chest. His arms lovingly wrapped around her. She looked desperate to be there. I read the email, viewed the picture and thought “oh my, THAT would be SO great…to be held in the arms of Jesus like that!” I closed the email and moved on to the next.

That is where God began to speak. To answer me. In the silence. In the comings and goings of my day. In the phone calls in and phone calls out. In my writing. In the walks with the dogs. Preparing dinner. During my bath that night and in the shower the next morning. On the drive to the Post Office. While watering the plants, vacuuming, loading the dishwasher, the drive to the market and bank…the image of that picture kept coming to my mind. At 5:30am today it hit me like a meteor!

When I am in my prayer closet…I am reaching up…to Him…to Abba (“Daddy” God)…and there are those times He lifts me up and puts me on His lap…and talks to me…comforts me…answers my questions-like any great dad would do. Then there are those times, like this past week, in those moments (or hours…days…) that I sense His silence. I KNOW He is there…but I can NOT for the life of me HEAR HIS VOICE…it is then…that just like in that picture…He is just holding me. Really HOLDING ME…close…SO close and words just AREN’T necessary. I really DON’T need to hear Him speak. ALL I really need…is to KNOW that He loves me…completely, passionately, unconditionally.

In that moment…today, when I realized I was in that picture…that was Him holding ME…then I heard it….no, not His voice. It was something even better! It was in that moment…seeing me in that picture…with His arms wrapped securely around me…me… there safely…securely wrapped in His Love….I heard it…

His HEARTBEAT. There is NO better answer to any problem…any dilemma. It is the answer to any question …any desire…any fear or hope or need. His heartbeat responds to any request…prayer…or praise. When He holds you so close that you hear the very Heartbeat of God the silence is great comfort…no longer a frustration.

The image of that picture of Him holding me is burned forever in my mind…in my heart…in my soul. Today I realized I don’t always have to hear His VOICE. I just need to always KNOW His Arms are wrapped around me…I need to be silent…and LISTEN…listen…be still and quiet…and listen…for the beat…to be held so closely by Him that I hear the very heartbeat of God. The heartbeat of I AM.

Today, I heard it. Can you hear it, too? I pray you do. I pray every believer…man, woman or child will go to their prayer closet today…and listen in the silence for it.

The Heartbeat of God is waiting for you. Are you listening? Can you hear it? Be still…quiet…stay there until you can hear it. There is nothing more precious…more spectacular…more amazing then to hear the very Heartbeat of God. I promise you…it will be worth the wait.

Sharon Pratt is a freelance writer living in Middle TN. She is the executive director of a ministry which serves working single parents and their families.

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3 Responses to “Why is God Silent When You Need Him Most to Speak?”

  1. pellodude Says:

    Nice article there. Ok I am a born again believer but honsetly speaking I would be lying if I said I regularly hear God’s voice, I actually think I have heard a voice once or twice in all my years of being a believer (Hopefully it was the LORD’s voice!!!!) Anyway about quiet time after prayer or reading the word, I have a small issue with that. You see I have one of the shortest concentration spans in human history I think. If I am quiet doing nothing in particular waiting for a voice, my mind will wander to places I even never knew existed, from sports fields to utopia to the past, to you name it, it can actually be a very dangerous moment if I am just silent doing nothing but just waiting for a voice. So what am I to do in that case seeing as I basically never hear Christ’s voice much as He says his sheep know his voice and they follow him, most times I just go by chance or so to speak, guess work more like and if what i do works out, I know it was of the LORD, if it backfires, too bad, count my losses and move on. Like currently I have been praying for a job but the silence from Heaven seems to be deafening, I am now contemplating asking a more righteous brother to pray and ask God on my behalf as old testament prophets used to do for the Israelites because I have fasted, read the Bible, prayed, sung songs of praise but its like all my effort hits the ceiling and comes back with a BANG. So please do tell, what more should I do?
    Thank you and the LORD Bless you

  2. Kaydee Says:

    Is God there for me?
    Tired of being alone and feeling alone!
    Is God there for us?

  3. Stephen Says:

    Typical horrible selfish post,me me me,two people posted replies desperate for God and you didn’t reply.i apologise for selfish christian posts like this who talk down to others like God only loves them and your wrong for not knowing what they know.these are they that see the hungry and needy and say be filled but do nothing to actually feed or help the person,I hope in the goodness of God that those two souls who where searching for help come here again that they might take this advice from someone who is broken like them yet trusting in The Lord himself.heres my two cents worth-the fact things are bad in your life and you cry unto God and don’t turn to the pleasures of this world show you have a relationship with God.you join every(yes every) other child of God in the bible who realised there need of a saviour in there lives,throughout there lives.do you not know you where saved and yet you are being saved daily?how can you be saved by your own ways and understanding?you can’t,so you call to The Lord,blessed are you who even in distress call upon God for he hears,how do I know?its his character to hear the broken hearted,his nature to save,his love manifest in a sinners life.dont look to the left or to the right look to Jesus,don’t rely on man(including me)trust your father in heaven,he changes not,his mercy endures forever.circumstances in this life are terrible most of the time and life is broken,we seem to always want this better life,it doesn’t exsist,inner peace and joy exsist in Christ.go through the storm not alone but trusting in his un changing grace and mercy.the just shall live by faith,that faith must be tested for your benefit otherwise it would be a weak faith in the end.i don’t know you and don’t claim to have all the answers for you but I trust him for you…trust in The Lord at all times,tho he slay me yet shall I follow.may he come to you in his own time and refresh your soul and pour water on they that are thirsty.

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