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Why Would He Come

Why would He come to this world all alone
Why would a King choose to leave His throne
To be born in a stable meant for beast
To be worshipped only by those who shepherd sheep
And men who claim to be wise from the east

Why would He come where kings want to kill Him
To have to flee from His birth place Bethlehem
Ending up a totally foreign land
Only to then return to Nazareth where nothing good stands
Why would an all powerful God choose to become a man

Why would He spend thirty-three years in a carpenter’s trade
To then be baptized by a wild man whose faith in Him already laid
Why would He call fisherman…Tax collectors…And common men
To follow Him…To be disciples by Him…These men of sin
Why would He choose the lowly in whom His kingdom would begin

Why would He live with no place to lay His head
Spreading His message…Healing the sick…Raising the dead
Why would He come only to be falsely accused
To only have His saving message be refused
To be severely mocked…Beaten…And bruised

Why would He come to save that which is lost
To only end up dying nailed to a cross
Why wouldn’t He take Himself down from that tree
Call ten-thousand Angels to come and set Him free
And tell one thief…Today you will be with me

Why would He do such a thing for you and me
Why would He make such a passionate plea
Why would He long for those who never would seek Him
Why would He give Himself to save man from their sin
Why would He seek us to go where He’s always been

Love was the reason
The Love to glorify His Father in every season
To Love with a perfect hatred of sin
Love for us all…So our souls He could win
Love was the reason…And He’s coming back again

The next time Love comes
Love will come to conquer through His only begotten Son
Love will come with His judgment for men
Will Love find us guilty of sin
Or will Love find us more than conquerors in Him

Vasquez Savage

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