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Have you not sup with the Master?

Have you not sat under His word?

And, are you not His minister?

Have you not a place in His work?


Will you betray your Jesus?

You have tasted His goodness

You have tasted His mercies

You have tasted His blessings

Bring not grieve upon His soul

Be not like Judas of old

Who did so and fell headlong


You have touched the Master’s garment

You follow Him ev’ry moment

His Presence has robbed upon you

You have so seen that He is True


You have heard of the glory told,

His reward in ages to come

When you suffer lack and hunger

Will you sell Christ for this world’s gold?


You have toiled in the Master’s Name

His gospel light you have proclaimed

Jesus has given you His trust

Will you make Him to suffer loss?




Judas was a brother who once caught the vision of Jesus. He opted to follow the Master. And he followed. He followed for years. He was privileged to be appointed the treasurer of the whole of the Master’s financial treasures on earth. What an opportunity to be accountable as a faithful steward, if he had the correct heart to understand it in such perspective.

He followed Jesus with zeal, bore His treasury apron, supped with Him, touched Him, served Him, preached Him, manifested His powers (when they were sent forth two by two), supped many times again with Him, even the last supper, saw His miracles and other innumerable wonders.


he betrayed Jesus…

his lust drew him out.

His lust drew away his heart from focusing on securing something eternal from the Master and Saviour- the long awaited Christ. (Ofcourse by this time, he had known that Jesus is the Messiah).


he pursued his lust at the expense of his glorious privileges and eternal advantages piled up in the heavenly treasure store for him.

His lust blinded him

his lust deafened him

his ambition puffed him up

his desire drove him away, and did not stop until he found himself in the burning lake of fire!

Judas did not only sell Jesus for some mere and few pieces of silver, but his ministry, his potentials, his inheritance, his whole generation. He sold his eternal life, he chose hell for his eternity, he closed the door to his afore designed destiny.

But you O man of God, go not the way of Judas

His filthy lucre perished with him

He squandered his inheritance among the saints in light, even among the chosen apostles of honour and eternal splendor

Go not the way of Judas

Go not the way of Esau

Go not the way of Balam

Go not the way of Gehazi

Shun hypocrisy

Shun corruptness

Shun uterior motives

Do not mix your service to the Master with worldliness

Serve the Master with sincerity of heart, and clarity of Kingdom purpose, not your belly, not your ambitions, not your lusts

It is the Lord’s vision, not yours’

Be content with Him and in Him

Think not that gain is godliness

But godliness with contentment is a great gain

Watch your desires, for they serve as openings for the enemy to creep in unaware.

Judas was a man of like passion, he loved the Master and longed to be His minister. Yes. After all he forsook his business and families to follow the Master. Is that not love in action? Is that not a sign of seriousness? Is that not commitment?

But he fell victim of his unbridled lust for wealth, financial gains and material possessions.

This is a timely warning to every follower of Jesus Christ, even them that have been call to handle His “shepherd’s staff” and or bear His cup; His vessel of honour!

Judas was close to Jesus.

He oft reclined at the table with Him conist others. Yet the closeness was not treasured, but was traded for estrangement, distance and casting away.

We must need to keep working out our salvation with fear and trembling; willing to receive help with all lowliness in order to receive the Divine assistance to walk, work, talk and love Jesus with all the strength in us, firmly standing our ground, not denying or betraying Jesus, come what may circumstance.

Many, unlike brother Judas have betrayed and “sold” the Master Jesus lesser than the thirty pieces of silver.

Judas publicly sold, but many are secretly bold to exchange their most holy faith, their most precious relationship with Christ for a mere gold.

But you, dearly beloved, “WILL YOU BETRAY YOUR JESUS?”

Can Jesus trust you?

Can He entrust you His heart and not suffer heart break and regret at last?

Fail not to keep fearing the Lord and to keep working out your salvation with trembling and holy fear.

Cleave to the Master even unto death…serve Jesus sincerely, abide faithfully and abound truthfully…

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Sixtus Onyeanusi is passionate about hymn writing, sharing God’s word, practically helping and simply being a FoolforGod…to please Him.



E-mail: esixtusw@yahoo.com


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERMAKE A WEBSITE

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