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By Banks Nwokeji

It’s a New Year guys, 2015. On the 31st night of December last year, so many people were in church (I was in church too), and like other years, in such services, the pastor would make prophetic declarations for the new year. In most churches, they’ll go even further by declaring a theme for the year (i.e God’s mind for the people that year). At the end of the service, the people go home so excited that most of them never realize that it isn’t the end of the story.

Yea, God has great plans for us this year_very true. But, ask yourself, ‘if God’s plans and thoughts actually control the way things go, on earth, then why is the world in such a mess?(cos I definitely do not want to believe that the chaos here on earth was God’s original plan for mankind).
Truth is; the reason why the world is in such a mess despite all the wonderful thoughts and plans of God for us is because of the power of CHOICE and DECISION.

Decisions decide our future. Translation:” if you make the wrong decisions, God cannot help you”. It’s always funny when I hear people say things like, “God is in control of everything”. If God was in control of everything, then the young man who ‘decided’ to rob your house at 2am shouldn’t be punished(sent to jail) cos he was obviously controlled by God. Or, the rapist who ‘decides’ to rape a 12year old girl should not be punished either, cos ‘God is in control of everything’.

Question: why are our choices and decisions more powerful(effective) than God’s plans ‘here on earth’?
Answer: Gen.1:26 “…let us make man in our own image, after our likeness and let them have dominion..”
See, God was in control of everything on earth until he made that statement right there and remember; whatever God says becomes law, even to himself. This literally means; as far as the earth is concerned, we are the ones in control. God’s plans and thoughts for us will only be accomplished when we ‘decide’ to subscribe to them.
I think I should put it this way_your choices and decisions this year are more important than God’s plans.

P.S: please ensure to read the second (2nd) part of this post, where I shared “Nine Simple Decisions you should make this year”

#kingdom Rep.

1) The Decision to always tell yourself the Truth- I know it’ll sound unbelievably funny, but we don’t tell ourselves the truth. If we actually told ourselves the truth, all our problems will be half solved, but we don’t_we keep lying to ourselves and that’s the problem.
If you must get ahead this year, you must have to ‘decide’ to be sincere to yourself ALWAYS.

2) The Decision to be close to God- believe me, this is not a religious decision at all_ it’s a WISE decision(i.e only wise people can make this decision). But mind you, closeness to church does not always translate ‘closeness to God’. Your decision to make God the most important person (and I mean the most important person)in your life this year, is the wisest decision you’ll ever make.

3) The Decision to be grateful always- the happy people in this world are not the people who have everything they want, they are the people who are grateful for what they have. So many people are stressed, worried and depressed because they are too fixated on what they don’t have that they don’t appreciate the things they have, they are so focused on where they want to be that they are not grateful for where they are.
Decide to be thankful for everyone and everything in your life this year.

4) The Decision to value Instructions/Corrections- don’t be one of those folks who subscribe to the lie that ‘experience is the best teacher’. Those who wait to learn by experience are those who have decided to neglect/ignore instructions and corrections. Matter of fact; there’s no hope for a anyone who can’t be instructed or corrected.

5) The Decision to Expect very little or Nothing from people- Expectation is the only source of disappointment. Translation: if there are no expectations, they’ll be no disappointments. For example; the reason you’ll feel bad, hurt or disappointed when someone treats you bad is because you actually expected him/her to treat you good. The only way to ensure your emotional stability this year is to expect very little or nothing from people, be it your father, mother, child, wife, husband, sibling, friend or whoever_ it’s not gonna be easy I know, but it’s worth it.

6) The Decision to always ask WHY- controversial statement: 65% of the good things we do are for the wrong reasons_ things like; getting married, going to college, attending church..etc. The reason why almost everything on earth today is abused(abnormally used) is because we hardly want to know or ask WHY. WHY is a question of purpose and purpose is the foundation of everything in life. The question of WHY is more important than the question of what, who ,how or where. Translation: what you’re doing is not as important as WHY you’re doing it. Make sure everything you do this year are for the right reasons cos, when you violate purpose, you violate everything.

7) The Decision to do things NOW- I know most of us have set certain goals this year. But, I think you should also know that the greatest threat to your goals is this tiny little thing called procrastination. This fellow here(procrastination) never presents itself as a threat to you, it pretends to be a friend who’s just looking out for your well being, but when you keep subscribing to it, you’ll loose precious time and opportunity
Whatever you have planned to do this year, if you’re ever gonna accomplish it, you’re gonna have have to start NOW.

8) The Decision to pursue Knowledge- Ignorance will cost you a lot more than you can possibly imagine. Knowledge makes your life a lot more easier. Don’t neglect/ignore any opportunity to know, this year.

9) The Decision to improve your Character- not everyone is yet to understand the truth that ‘character is more important than fame, power, beauty, talents, money, anointing, charisma..etc. Matter of fact; your abilities and talents can take you to the top, but only your character can keep you there.
Your character is the only reason you can be trusted. Translation: if you don’t have character, even if you have all the money in the world, all the power in the world, all the anointing in the world_ you still can’t be trusted.
Your money, talent, power, fame and anointing can attract people to you, but believe me, it’s only your character that will keep them.
Question: how do I know I have character?
Answer: if the things you believe, the things you say and the things you believe are one, then you have character and can be trusted.


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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